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Handi-Ramp has project specialists designated to assist the veterans in financial considerations, on-site measurements, drawings, manufacturing and installation.

When a Veteran contacts you, call us. We will step in and act as liaison to handle the details for you. Our project specialists have extensive experience correctly processing paperwork to ease the work on your end and to simply speed up the approval for the Veteran.

How will Handi-Ramp help you?

Handi-Ramp is more than happy to act as liaison between veterans and any agency that assists veterans. Not only will we spend time talking them determining their needs, we will perform the actual on-site measurements.

Once the measurements are done, we will continue to work assist you by producing the CAD drawings for manufacturing. Our reps are well-versed in VA procedures and can appropriate prepare bids and supporting documents for your review and approval.

Assistance with financing is also available and, again, we will work the Veterans and their families on your behalf to resolve and issues in this area.

Upon acceptance of the Handi-Ramp bid, we will call the Vet and begin manufacturing the ramp as designed. Delivery and complete installation will be arranged, and supervised, by those on the Handi-Ramp team. We have provided a gallery of installations from across the country for your review.

Let our project specialists do the work for you.