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Veterans Assistance

Veterans from WW?, Korea, Vietnam, etc. have found our knowledgeable and experienced team to be helpful, supportive and able to perfectly design the right ramp for your home or vehicle. Your freedom is just a phone call away.

Ramps give you freedom of mobility to leave your home for errands, see family and friends, or simply enjoy the outdoors. Being more independent is a huge benefit of the right ramp, enabling you to come and go with less dependence on others.

Our manufacturing team will create the exact ramp to meet your specific needs. We have provided a gallery to show you several samples of custom designed ramps. We will design and build what exactly what you need.

How will Handi-Ramp help you?

We will help you from start-to-finish. It's that simple.

Whether it's a portable ramp or a lift, the right ramp will not only make your home easily accessible, it will allow you the ability to live a life of independence. That's why we come to your home, take measurements and use special design software to produce a drawing of the ramp that suits your needs - to give you your freedom again.

In addition to Handi-Ramp carefully selects a local, experienced contractor to do install your ramp.

Once the type of ramp is determined, you will receive a quote and your Handi-Ramp assistant will be your liaison with the governmental agencies to submit the bid on your behalf. Sometimes it can be tough to maneuver these types of agencies, even with the kindest staff member. Rest assured, we've been there! Thankfully, we've developed great relationships with several team members.

Handi-Ramp's approvals and payments are processed quickly and accurately.

When the order is approved, Handi-Ramp manufactures your specific ramp in our own on-site plant by experienced welders, as fast as possible.

Because of our expertise, we are able to remove many of the headaches, delivery delays and other frustrations involved in getting you your ramp.

Call us today and let's talk through your needs. Let us take the frustration out of getting you the ramp you need and want. Call today and get your freedom back.