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Veteran Assistance

Handi-Ramp has been designing and manufacturing custom ramps for those with disabilities for over 50 years. Our experience is unsurpassed in the industry as is our ability to understand your specific needs. Start-to-finish assistance is provided to veterans as well as to agencies that assist veterans.

Veteran Disability Assistance

Handi-Ramp has helped hundreds of disabled veterans regain their freedom. For over a half a century Handi-Ramp reps have gone to homes, taken measurements, submitted drawings and bids to the government agencies and, made arrangements for ramp and lift installations - all in an effort to help you and your fellow veterans to be as independent as possible.

We will:

  • Get the needed ramp to regain your freedom and independence
  • Handle all measurements and produce computer drawings
  • Prepare the bid for the agency
  • Act as liaison government agencies
  • Supervise your project from start-to-finish

Government Assistance

Handi-Ramp has providing custom ramps for disabled veterans since 1993.

We will:

  • Handle all on-site measurements
  • Produce accurate drawings submission and production
  • Submit bids to your office
  • Act as liaison with the veterans and their families
  • Supervise your project from start-to-finish